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welcome to another developer update my name is Jeff from the overwatch team we want to take a quick second to sort of recap what an amazing year it been obviously in May of this year we launched overwatch and we were so lucky and grateful to have so many of you folks along for the ride with us there and then it was like immediately off to the races we started updating the game we put in a completely revamped competitive mode where we took all the feedback from the beta and started season 1 sort of fresh completely new changes to competitive mode seemed really well received of course we iterated heavily on competitive mode from season 1 to season 2 and then we made those slight skill rating tweaks going into season 3 and adjusted how placements work so that was a lot of fun for us you guys were primary in the feedback and helping guiding the decisions that we were making we also had a lot of fun introducing new heroes so ahna was fantastic Sombra coming online was really cool it really interesting watching you guys play on and Sombra so I see a