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in the state of pure consciousness or Krishna consciousness one can see himself as a minut particle nondifferent from the Supreme Lord as stated in bhagavad gita the jiva or the individual soul is eternally part and parcel of the Supreme Lord just as the sun rays are minut particles of the brilliant constitution of the Sun so a living entity is a minut particle of the Supreme Spirit the individual soul and the supreme lord are not separated as in material differentiation the individual soul is a particle from the very beginning one should not think that because the individual soul is a particle it is fragmented from the whole spirit my avada philosophy enunciates that the whole spirit exists but a part of it which is called the jiva is entrapped by illusion this philosophy however is unacceptable because spirit cannot be divided like a fragment of matter that part the jiva is eternal that part the jiva is eternally apart as long as the Supreme Spirit exists his part and parcel also exists as long as the Sun exists the molecules of the sun rays also exist the jiva particle is estimated in the Vedic literature to