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Good morning I Antonio Guida executive chef in Mandarin Hotel Milan Seta Restaurant Together with Federico we making a simple dish today cacio and pepper with the special addition of gobies and lime This is a simple recipe so we have to especially pay attention to the quality of ingredients Here they are Felicetti spaghetti Pecorino cheese Sarawak pepper from Malaysia and then I hope cacio and pepper lovers won hate me I added gobies seasoning them with some lime Let add the pepper grains and slightly toast them to intensify the flavour Then we naturally grinding it in the mortar Now let add be careful warm water if you use water that is too hot you might spoil the cream Let mix with Pecorino cheese and we absolutely not adding butter so the recipe includes Pecorino cheese pepper and spaghetti Once the sauce is ready we mixing it with spaghetti and while thickening we adding the pepper mignonette In a pan that has to be warm we adding extra virgin olive oil the gobies and we seasoning them with a hint of lime We letting it warm slightly and then adding pasta on top of it Let strain the