Guardzilla Home Security Camera - REVIEW


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hey everyone if you have been following me you know I just upgraded to the nest cam here at the house but today I wanted to showcase an alternative at the market that a bit more reasonably priced guardzilla reached out to me to showcase their more budget from the alternative price that 100 and the are sold at Target Walmart and Best Buy in addition to Amazon as well now you can click on the link in the video description below for the updated pricing now of course I show you the performance and features of what this model can and cannot do so jumping straight into this I Jimmy with Jim review rom com I here to help you make a purchase decision welcome everyone to another video going over the physical features first it mainly durable plastic and very lightweight the camera base in camera lens behind this tinted dome is fixed not motorized or adjustable I have found cameras providing a pivoting neck to be more versatile but those models do provide the option of wall mounting their guns illah model here is designed to only sit on a flat surface now if you don need