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Now the color of the cloud in the sky is Tropical yeah Red color of the sun is like your cheek Oh tell me I m the only one baby I fancy you I fancy you fancy you It s dangerous It pricks you are like a rose It s OK I am not afraid at all Hold it harder Take my hand It will be a little dangerous Even more dangerous baby Like sweet chocolate ice cream My feelings melting now So lovely Shining most brightly in the dark universe The star the star and your big star next to it You there I fancy you I don t want just anyone Hey I love you Love ya Yes you I fancy you You can be happy like a dream Cause I need you What Fancy you Who cares if who likes first Fancy you I will come to you now Fancy Everyday I can not do anything really Oh my Mayday It will become very serious Bang bang My head is hypnotized Becomes Reset What should I do Not sure if it is right S O S Swim swim I become submarine in the sea called you Everyday