Quantum Matter Lecture 5


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welcome back in this lecture we going to start discussing the microscopic theory of Zhaan writing down hamiltonians and actually trying to to solve them to do this we going to need the technique of second quantization and for that reason we going to need mathematical preliminaries introducing the technique of second quantization now I know a lot of people who might be watching these videos are familiar with second quantization and they have used it previously and probably don need so much to review but I find myself that I often need a review because some of the the fine details particularly where you get where you put the complex conjugation x that I always get them get it wrong unless I go back to the beginning and start over and and refresh everything in my memory so this is gonna be really from most people probably a refreshing your memory if you never seen this before this will give you an idea of what we doing although I can also recommend some places to to get more practice with second quantization as well so email me if you need those references um so let me start by by