Google Ideas' Jared Cohen on How Technology Has Changed Diplomacy


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and how has technology changed diplomacy among well it when I started at the State Department in 2006 it very easy to sort of when you see all the events that have happened with the Arab Spring and so forth to it easy to forget how unknown these types of technologies were and how not taken seriously they were inside of government offices you couldn say YouTube at Google and Facebook and in any serious meeting in two thousand six or 2007 and I would argue even into the sort of early part of 2008 eventually events caught up but so the way that people thought about technology was initially just a way to communicate and advocate policy so it sort of fell very narrowly in a public diplomacy portfolio and I not trying to take a disparaging view of public diplomacy but it really just one instrument of statecraft what I was more interested in is how could technology be used by opposition groups how could technology be used as a tool for organizing and it was just sort of this missing tool in our diplomatic arsenal it was a missing tool it was a tool that was being