Quantum Matter Lecture 11


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welcome back this is the lecture series we are a little more than through electricity series and we been learning a lot as we been going along about mainly bosons I actually been learning some things some things too I learned something rather important from this lecture series not only about physics I learned about other things so let me tell you one thing I learned so I I posted the first lecture on YouTube and I got a feedback from YouTube that said great content I said Oh someone been watching this that great I glad someone likes it and the next lecture I posted and and the same person wrote amazing content and oh wow this person really likes likes when I posting and then the third time I posted a video the same person posted great content bro okay Taunton bro you know physicists don call other physicists bro so this sort of gave gave giving away this was a spambot approving of my content on YouTube so what I learned is that you shouldn trust any feedback you get from from YouTube because it probably coming from a robot okay anyway sorry about that long digression