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you know i said to her probably every single day since we got engaged that i can wait to marry you and just making it a reality was a wish come true for me we ended up actually having about 150 people we had the minister on our makeshift altar that we put in our apartment um on one view and then the viewing gallery from another computer looking at us so we did a cake cutting we had a champagne toast we had a first dance we tried to do all the traditional things as best as we could a lot of people dressed up even you know they got dressed up it was something for them them to feel that sense of community that was lacking during the quarantine it was the same love and happiness that what i would imagine you would feel in a regular wedding you know we really wanted to have something for people to remember during a dark time something really special and beautiful we will eventually have our big celebration physically in person with everyone but the most important thing is that we married and we happy and we are ready to