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welcome to another developer update I Jeff from the overwatch team we really excited to be here today to talk to you guys about the PTR so first off for those of you don know what the PTR is it stands for public test region or sometimes public test realm same thing it basically a server that players can go to to test out new upcoming changes to overwatch the PTR is not always available it something that we put up before we going to patch the game to do testing on one thing that I noticed that there some confusion in the community about is what is the exact purpose of the PTR and I think a lot of players assume the PTR only exists so that players can give feedback on upcoming changes and while this is a really important part of what the PTR does it not all of what the PTR is about the most important thing for us when we patch overwatch to all of the live service is that the game is stable and works correctly and there a few bugs or crashes or glitches as possible in the game the PTR really lets