Seven Keys to Good Storytelling | Josh Campbell | TEDxMemphis


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Music if you living your best life which I know you are I seen your instagrams if you living right storytelling has to be a part of your life you will have to give a pitch for your boss you will have to give a presentation to your employees a friend will ask you to give a toast you will give a eulogy so these storytelling opportunities are coming so you have to prepare for them you have to practice and the best way to practice and prepare is to find your voice your voice in front of a story and swoop in front of a crowd of people your ability to connect with an audience and the way to do that is by telling your story the spilled events we run I host them and at the end people always come up to me and they say the same thing they said I love to do that but I don have a story to tell and I always say to them well you know that not true because everyone has a story to tell that just something we tell ourselves that the excuse that we give to not do