Best Flash and Monolight Units for Real Estate Photographers


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Music hello everyone so this is Andrew with Andrew petty a photography and we are going to be talking about which light to choose for real estate photography today and I know a lot of you are kind of getting just getting into this I know a lot of you already kind of know what we doing so we going to try and you know cover all the bases here and just get it so everyone understanding you know what they should choose or what they should be getting into okay I going to keep this simple and my way of doing that is just discuss the lights that I recommend okay so anything I don discuss I sort of recommend the ones that I discussing more okay so if I don talk about it you know I kind of saying go another way alright and a point I want to make is kind of the point I made them in the last video I made this don get fooled into this notion that the more money you spend on your Flash is like going to make your images better somehow okay especially us because we usually bouncing our flash