World's Most Beautiful Tarantula in Peril


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Alright, so now we move from the crisis we had in the waters, to the crisis we have on land. So as you know, Imelda, our bird-eater tarantula has now passed, and has transitioned back into the earth, but there's just one problem with that. As you may recall from past videos, our goddess actually played an important role particularly for the Fire Nation, and more specifically, an important role at containing them! I used her ant-proof webbing to keep our fire ants from climbing out of their setup, but AC Family, now that Imelda the bird-eater goddess has died, the Fire Nation has rejoiced and taken full advantage of her passing. I usually harvest and install new webbing every time I notice the barrier weakening, and well, AC Family, it looks like time's up. New webbing is due for installment, as the Fire Nation has managed to tear up the barrier that has kept them captive inside the Selva de Fuego all this time. In fact, we are now in a grave state of emergency. And so AC Family, we needed a new source of webbing, and it just so happens, I've found the perfect source.