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hey guys Kevin here again this is part of module 1 the overview of the big idea and the long form ad copy and I going to apologize in advance this video will be a little bit longer but there a lot to go through and obviously you in this course so you sold on long form ad copy but I want to just give you some of the benefits and explain a little bit to you the psychology behind it and why it works so without further ado why do a long form ad want to scare away my prospects you know this is the generation of TLDR too long didn read everybody skips through that stuff nobody reads it well 1200 people filled out the strategy session form on 20 000 ads Ben so some people read it and you know why don I want to send them to my website or read the copy I going to go over that in just a minute when I break down the just the pure numbers and economics of a webinar funnel versus this kind of funnel and we talk about that in a second you can say to yourself