Dow Villa Motel Lone Pine CA


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hi I Craig Bunn I a desk clerk here at the Davila motel in beautiful Lone Pine California welcome the Davila takes pride in our friendly customer service comfortable rooms our commitment to keeping things personal as well as our historical background this is the John Wayne room it was the last room in our complex that John Wayne State ad before he died this is one of our hotel rooms with a king bed and the private bathroom in it as you can see a little smaller but still very nice room this room has two queen beds and a sofa sleeper it is also very popular with larger families it one of our new specially renovated rooms outside of the Dow there plenty of things to do we have the Lone Pine Museum of film history which is very close by within walking distance as well as multiple restaurants in the area we have our 24 hours seasonally heated pool as well as our spa which offer a great getaway from the heat during the summer the Dow hotel was built in the early 20s the Emoto came a little later it came in the late 50s my