Joe Rogan Experience #1513 - Andrew Huberman


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andrew how are you what happening man doing great nice to meet you nice to meet you really excited to talk to you about this um just sort of for an introduction tell people what you do so i a neuroscientist i meaning i a professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology stanford school medicine so i run a laboratory i teach a little bit i teach neuroanatomy to medical students but mainly my lab does research so i got students in post docs and we trying to figure out the answers to two problems the first problem is how to regenerate the damaged nervous system in particular the connections between the eye and the brain to restore vision to the blind so that a big mission of ours and to prevent vision loss in people that are losing their vision and the other thing that we doing is we focusing a lot on stress and other states of mind so i obsessed with the idea that all our states of mind come from the brain and the body and we trying to figure out what happens in the brain and body when we stressed and how to control it what happens