Klim Desktop USB Gaming Microphone Review / Test


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what up guys Lew here back with another video and today we are going to be testing out another microphone so today we are testing out this guy and this is the Klem multimedia microphone and if you are interested in this microphone it set you back about twenty seven dollars on Amazon and as per usual I will link it in the description down below and in case you are wondering this is a USB microphone which means for the majority of people it will just be plug and play which is the case for me and my microphone input game is currently set at twenty five percent on my computer so I would normally talk about what you get in the packaging but all you getting is the microphone with a USB cable already attached so let just go ahead and talk about the build quality so it is an all plastic build but at least it feels like decent plastic it feels a little bit better than the majority of desktop mics I tested in the past as far as features it does have a neck that articulates to help get the microphone into the correct position