Another World - 3D Sound Experience (wear earphones)


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to enjoy the 3d audio experience remember to have your earphones correctly located the left earphone in your left ear and the right earphone in your right ear you feel the heart of the world bonding all life and time my name is Attila and if you wish you will live a dream of the past they priestesses at the other side of the valley come with me to discover amazing yeah I know that you come the people who work have some more remember this everybody here spits laughing don worry you will understand what they say no one going to understand for you my advice take one teller requests an audience with fury okay what a surprise I hope we do not intrude you never intrude my good leaders was just starting a wonderful melody you brought company mmm surely you also come from barbarian lands my friend is just visiting I thought we could stop by and pay respect to the noble Cato ooh if you wish I could entertain you with a bit of magic yes Cato is a fine sorcerer very well then enjoy my spell I right here that was unbelievable you truly are