Learn English: 7 FACE Expressions


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God Allah fortune hold of course of what yeah hi james from engvid I not Russian I just practicing it uh I was thinking about traveling maybe Ecuador perhaps of Russia beautiful ladies there and when I thought about it I mean let face it nobody wants to be stuck in one place right for your whole life you an international person trying to learn an international language which is English and you know you hey you know what let to idioms on the face I said let face it I going to talk to mr e and we get the lesson started ok idioms over the face please please please take that Madonna alright so what do we got E alright well we talked about let face it but we come back to that in case you wondering what that is and let start with number 1 and where is number 1 which ah the news Lennie the nose what about the nose well the nose you bring in air you bring things to yourself the stuff of life right so if you know something which is good which is air I find air to be very very good