Quantum Matter Lecture 20


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welcome back when we left off we were talking up a bcs theory and in particular we had solved the the Cooper problem we discovered that for arbitrarily weak interactions two electrons above the Fermi surface will form a bound state to lower their energy and this suggested that once if you have a Fermi surface two electrons will jump above the Fermi surface form bound state lower their energy and then two more will jump above the Fermi surface form of balance state lower their energy and so forth and the whole Fermi surface becomes unstable in this calculation bye bye Cooper around 1956 really broke open research into the direction of superconductivity so in 1956 lots of people both in in the West and also in the Soviet Union we working on the the problem of superconductivity many of the greatest minds of the century people like Landau Fineman were all hot on the trail and Bardeen was lucky enough to have hired Cooper and also to come work with him as a postdoc and also I was lucky to have a very brilliant graduate student name named Bob schrieffer anyway right in the middle of this is