A Simple Way to Automatically Transcribe Video/Audio to Text


— Handwritten subtitles — Generated subtitles

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So, yesterday, I got a comment, from one you subscriber In which, he said The reason, he liked my videos more, is because I use subtitles in all of them And this, let me wondering. It only take me a minute or two to generate subtitles.. And then hit me, Maybe people don’t know, you can generate subtitles automatically Hi there this is Mrinal once again And in this video we’ll see A simple way, To automatically Create subtitles and closed captions For your YouTube videos or any video for that matter. like if you have a foreign movie clip whose subtitles are not on the internet This method might work. or if you someone, who makes money by transcripting videos on fiverr or rev Then this trick will make your life a lot easier ---- Now, If you are interested Only in the workaround Go to the time stamps, you see on the screen But I suggest you watch the entire video You will not definitely learn many new things But my watch time, will increase, making this video rank higher (haha) --- So, most guides on the internet Suggest you write down the captions manually, Some popular blogs even suggest, paying 5$ on fiverr And then There are companies like rev, that are charging $1 for 1 minute of captions.