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welcome to another developer update my name is Jeff I one of the developers on the overwatch team this update is going to be very cool because it is a topic a lot of you have been asking about for months and we really excited to address what going on so coming to the PTR very soon are going to be the much awaited Symetra changes so I wanted to spend a little bit of time and kind of go through the changes and why we made them so obviously the problem we were seeing was Symetra before and we talked about this a little bit before was that she was a very effective character but she was viewed as overly situational and what I mean by that is players enjoyed playing her but usually they would play her in a situation where maybe they were on defense on the first point for example in King row they don they play her on the first point she seems super useful when you get the teleporter up keep it protected and get your team back to the fight really quickly but what we found is if a team failed on that