Testing Graco Nautilus Car Seat


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are you excited we like to say in the car seat is about yes no it not for the baby okay let just try it out okay today and kimmy kay yeah of course I going to do it darling just sit back I don you check about that home so perfect okay it perfect I love you in the press one I love you one I love you then you can speak it darker okay what do you like the best Isabel the class seat is very much hi then I fall is it yeah when I love you can say what I loved you then I talked when I learned when I say yes and spit laugh hello monkey okay so now we going to take attach the seat belt okay yeah you will see that was pretty great wasn it is about because just a few seconds so does it goes through here don forget to let this sorry important would be there in the seat belt oh come on here thank God don forget there this little everything i show you put it okay who are you ready to go you can go in like two