A Tour of the Simpsons Land at Universal Studios Florida


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Music thereby McNichols here from joint plans calm I am at Universal Orlando today specifically Universal Studios Florida more specifically the Simpsons land Springfield USA I just thought I would walk you out of course I am a white male in my 30s just barely still so I love the Simpsons I remember seeing them on Tracey Ullman Show and all that sort of stuff so this land is I don want to say important to me but it is really something it one of the few lands that I get into and I get a little bit emotional about some of the others are here at Diagon Alley is another one of those which see in a different video but I just thought I walk you around kind of show you what they have here no better place to start than with Springfield himself jebediah Springfield orhan sprung Feld I suppose his famous statue is here as a photo op there some great photo ops here at Universal Studios including this one right next to jebediah which is chief Wiggum with his donut in hand and his police car which he just smashed into a fire hydrant they have