Extended Highlights: New Zealand 46-14 Ireland - Rugby World Cup 2019


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in the second mouthwatering quarterfinal that was the 3 time world champions New Zealand facing off against Joe Smith Island the All Blacks had won 28 of their 31 meetings against the Irish hitting into this clash with two of those losses coming in their last three outings however if Island were to progress to the semi finals for the first time in their history they had a big hurdle to jump at Tokyo Stadium longer white lock tips it on to severe good strong contact early on from the Irish that was read well outside in from Stockdale but he went without I was a 50 50 call they stopped and thought he read it yeah he gone for the penalty yet no chance of regathered on our stop the assault could call from Roger Lawrence to give the All Blacks a penalty just look at this he gone for the Miss well more anger and he just tapped it down stop it so lucky some referees maybe for a yellow they so rich among that 12 from 13 off the tee at the 2019 Rugby World Cup frightening points strikes it well smokes it through and New Zealand