Sevenoak SK-ECH03 Camera Motorized 360 Pan and Tilt head for Cameras or Camcorders


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Main body mounting base and base plate two 6 meter cable can support by AC power DC power supply adapter Ac adapter input 100 240V use only battery Sony NP F960 F970 7 4v 6000mAh 2 detachable motors Joystick controller and pivot to mount on tripod or jib crane magic tap and 1 allen key i try with nikon D3200 Step 1 adjust back and forth center of gravity ok Step 2 adjust left and right center of gravity center point too fast Step 3 adjust up and down center gravity we try adjust 3 o clock to 6 o clock position take about 2 saat after done balancing we mount on the 2 motor connect the cable to the motors connect to the controller joystick i try use the battery supplier only batter Sony NP F960 F970 7 4v 6000mAh power on adjustable speed Fastest Speed 3 3rpm min Slowest Speed 0 5rpm min Thanks For Watching