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are you still playing the qin and looking for him the answer is the obsession towards that unfulfilled love cool breeze in the night come cleansed the prosperity and decline in this world the adieu at river grieves me for all my days and gifted to me my karma my previous life will all turn into a trace in the end The Untamed Nanjing Concert September 21 2019 Fan Meetup in Thailand Xiao Zhan fans Scream everyone make some noise Welcome their arrival Wang Yibo team starts first okay ok ready 3 2 1 go wow Good skill The balancing skills are great have experience playing skateboarding ok so the winner is Wang Yibo team change so much that it appears to be entirely new Today is someone birthday Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Any wish do you have So touched my god Is this me What do you think of this summer Reluctant to leave the stage in Thailand It been a long time since the dance was shown to everyone Actually my dance level is average I hope there will be such opportunities in the future Pleasing scenery Closest distance sing with us no matter