Majorana Box Qubits- Karsten Flensberg


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is that we have these wires and and peeta here he will talk about them in detail later he a indium arsenide wires with aluminum that we heard earlier and and we think we can bring them into the topological regime at least you know they show all these nice features that we associate this particular one which was published last year this is with the dot in the end so it a sign with a wire and a dot and ization accidental told he wasn produced to be there but nevertheless if one changes the gate voltage here once he clearly dot behavior these cooling Peaks saw strain gave out its plots so this is a zero field or low field so put ourselves here in the middle and look what happens in the middle of these increased that this number of stopgap states inside here which we associate to the wire then in particular there one which seems to pay not zero energy and three enough as a function of B field sub states that go in and then pin in the in the way we seen before and I would like to think of this may want