Look At How Far You've Come! | Mind Cleared. ep 23 | Xana


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I had this vision in my mind of like my idle day but I do life and I kept thinking that like one day I just jump from where I at straight into that and that just not possible like that just not how this happens I can never get it when I on the ground you can never get it when you bring it down even when a fall has been opened up something but the space that I on and now something about the rest of the richest town something about this place going down I don want to go up just to watch you drown basing Harley chaco we embed in now hey Donna so this video is about looking at how far you come because literally in the past few weeks I have been forced to learn this lesson and goddamnit it so difficult but I want to talk about here because it so so important and it key and when you really internalize what that means like the mental space of gratitude that it puts you in is so so powerful and will seriously change your life and I know that people say about gratitude