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Music Music welcome to the 2019 dirt bike magazine 250 motocross judo for 2019 two manufacturers are offering bikes that are essentially all new two others have made radical revisions while another refined the bike that was ground shaking only new last year put them on the track at the same time and you have a contest with no guaranteed outcome for the dirt bike magazine 2019 250 CC motocross shootout we took six bikes to four different tracks Paris Raceway milestone MX Glen Helen and cahaya Creek we gave them all Dunlop MX 33 tires as a control measure dynode them at Pro Circuit weighed them in our shop and rode the daylights out of them when it was all over a clear winner emerged so let meet the players in the 2019 250 CC motocross shootout Music Music in 2018 Honda set the 250 class on fire with an all new bike every thought philosophy and design that define the original CRF 250r was abandoned and a double overhead cam electric start screamer emerged in its place the Honda motor was cutting edge with a valve train straight out of Formula One racing for some it was too