Extended Highlights: Italy 48-7 Canada - Rugby World Cup 2019


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Canada stripped on their boots for the first time in Japan 2019 as they faced Italy on matchday seven playing each other for the 10th time literally hold the upper hand but after a short turnaround following their win over Namibia anything was possible and pulled be valley from mccrory but away comes a brown stain he got the power to get over and Italy having been prepared to take the ball wide Thunder through the middle through braum Spain often played a number of sixes at number at the ER and is efficient off the back of this car mizzen see as soon as he picks up it a direct when he doesn looked at pass campanaro here Bay goes to rumble through Nelson and over to the left of the forces BG again lines up a jumper it stained and now it in the hands of their scrum half and that man again Jake Polidori quick ball off the floor this time company arrow on the outside you may not see inside to be Zen you Jeff Hassler with a tackled Italy in rampant form in the early stages of this game ten points to the girl you