Jack Reacher [2012] Scene: "Who the hell is Jack Reacher?"


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the hell is Jack Reacher jack reacher born Jack John no middle name is a ghost no driver license karna expired no residents car no farmer credit cards history no peel box cell phone email nothing can you at least tell me who he is well I can tell you he was blood military born and raised on bases abroad mother was a French national and father in the Corps his first trip to the United States was to attend West Point four years later he ships out for good Iraq Afghanistan Balkans you name it served with distinction Silver Star Bronze Star Legion of Merit defense superior Service Medal he had to look that one up and a Purple Heart spend the bulk of his service in the military police by all accounts a brilliant investigator and only a troublemaker demoted to captain worked his way back to major then two years ago he monsters out after a literal lifetime in the military he just up and quits and then for only the second time in his life ian is the United States and simply disappears dead maybe not according to social security in a bank account of Virginia