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all right everyone welcome back to the channel and we are currently at the scrap yard but guess what today is today auction day it the first auction I am going to since the the apocalypse as you guys you can probably call it first auction they been to in a very long time so it a house auctions estate auction it actually a farm auction essentially it an old farm and I think I think they selling the contents of the house the contents of some of the barns so we see what we find hopefully make this another fun adventure and try to find some treasure and make it a good one hopefully pack the van so dropping off some metal here and then we be at the state it about a 45 minute hour drive so we see how it goes let do it all right so we here early they have tons of galvanized out here really cool a lot of school yeah this one really neat I don know what it is all if it a sprayer I don know really a milk in don know I feel like it a sprayer the big thing