Onalaska & Lake Livingston, Texas


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okay I left Houston after visiting my sister and I heading to my next sponsor the North Shore Resort RV park in Onalaska Texas and it sits on the shores of Lake Livingston which is I look on the map and it huge so we not far away now and the lake is showing up oh my god we crossing a long ass bridge there it is like Livingston holy crap it huge that side and that side look at that and this is a long ass bridge someone out there on their two pontoon boat there a sign on the bridge it says Onalaska we in population 17 hot little over 1700 and made a little stop on the other side of this bridge we folks can that tie up two on two boats right there it part of the bridge kind of misty today we even got turtles in this lake look at that I think it waiting on food there that a big one and here a some of the bird life here in Lake Livingston look at that if you know the name of this bird let us know in YouTube cleaning itself and there our