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the paper news/pengpai news tidbits of interview Q:What kind of taste is tianzixiao? Yibo: Who ever drank real tianzixiao? oh my goodness (a fabricated chinese spirit that does not exist in reality) xiao zhan: probably a certain kind of white spirit i think? Q:So what did you drink then? xz&yibo: water Q:Does lotus root rib soup taste good? xz: yes, tasty that one was real soup yibo: excuse me, i had never drank it( pay attention to yibo's tone here...) xz: oh u haven't drank it? yibo: right Q:I heard Shijie will cook soup for you guys at the filming site yibo: i didn't film that scene, excuse me. Q:What's your favorite line for each other's role? (look at their eye contact...) yibo: Who is the weak and who is the strong? Who is righteous and who is iniquitous? xz: wow xz: as for me, it would be " you hui/i regret" two characters Q:Which animal are you closer to? yibo:Normally we could interact only with dogs and rabbits. xz: xianzi/fairy. yibo: right. yibo:And cranes, crows yibo: yes there were. when i was at yun-sheng-bu-zhi-chu. there were cranes.