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justic isn it I Diana I take you to your quarters someone likes to keep secrets secrets are our stock and trade besides from what I hear you have a few of your own I not like you in case you wondering I in a haunted program agents and handlers work in unity you know the expression know your enemy well that part is my job know your enemy is only half the victory I know you also need to know yourself I working on it I read your case file impressive work partly textbook but I suppose fieldwork never is tell me what did it feel like taking lives random disorder is that why you came here why you let us test you maybe I not the only one being tested well we are here basic training starts at over 600 hours I should leave you to prepare are you sure about this I am there are no second chances miss burn would not here I choose him may I inquire why a blank slate antisocial apathetic and unresponsive no doubt the boy shows promise but perhaps I see possibility where others see limitation isn that what a handle