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What's up everybody? This is Jeff from the Overwatch team. This is a really exciting Developer Update because it's time to introduce you to Hero 30 and Hero 30 is Baptiste. We needed another Support character in Overwatch. We felt like there was room for a lot more choice and exploration in the Support category. So we made a really awesome hero for you. But first, I want to get you caught up on Baptiste's backstory. Baptiste was actually orphaned during the Omnic Crisis many years ago. There were 30 million orphans as a matter of fact, and he was one of them. It was very devastating. He's from Haiti. So as he grew older, he joined what was called the Caribbean Coalition. He became a masterful combat medic. He fought as part of a special forces group, and he was the medic of that group. Really great training, really learned how to become a good soldier and a good teammate during that time. Now as the Omnic Crisis folded, Baptiste was looking for work. Through circumstances out of his control, he ends up in Talon.