Antminer Z9 Mini Unboxing and Profit Overview


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hello YouTube friends the crypto crane game here with another unboxing video this one featuring the brand new z 9 mini will do our normal get it out of the box thing then take a look at some of the specs and dimensions and finally wrap up with a quick 24 hour profit evaluation plus a preview of things to come let get started so as we can tell from the box alone the z 9 mini is well helped just that mini it small like pretty darn small smaller than a v9 small couple quick cuts there we go out of the box yep once again teeny tiny it also really light but again you don call something mini if it not gonna live up to the name not surprising there only one fan on the front nothing on the back either and it looks like there only one power connector per hashing board hey that great news bit mean finally made it easier to hook up a power supply albeit by you know cutting the number of power connectors by 75 but still progress is progress on to the measurements these e9 mini measures about 6 inches high