CNN internship coordinator gives tips for students to stand out


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my name is Jason Meucci I been at CNN for 20 years I now manager of the affiliate service there and seen a wire service which is a digital content provider for CNN for for broadcast stations for newspapers for student publications and I also run our internship program so I deal with hiring interns basically twice about three times a year and I look at a lot of candidates from all over the country with a lot of different backgrounds okay so here what we looking for for internships at CNN it like it a combination of things that you should be doing and some things you shouldn be doing amongst those if you an intern at CNN it probably a good idea to have had at least one maybe two internships at the local level whether that for your local TV station or local newspaper in their digital platforms something like that it really hard to get in the door at CNN even as an intern unless you already interned in another media outlet you need to have that you need to have a semi professional digital presence you need to look like you are involved in journalism