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in this video I going to be reviewing the Google now launcher now this launcher only works on Nexus devices and Google Play certified devices so if you don have a Nexus device or a Google Play device you cannot use this launcher so it will not work on samsung devices HTC devices it will not work on motorola devices it has to be those two kinds of devices now here what the launcher looks like basically what this launcher does it gives you some of that nexus 5 are some of the KitKat features on your device and if you want to get this launcher just go into the Play Store and type in Google now launcher so you can get the Google now launcher and right off the bat some of the changes for the launcher are if you go into the app tray the icons are a little bit bigger than normal and it is not a black background it is a transparent background so you can see my wallpaper on the apps tray you can see my wallpaper instead of being a black background another thing is you do got a google now on the home