Quantum Matter Lecture 14


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again this lecture hopefully a short lecture will cover the second question from the 2019 exam which was entirely on the subject of hartree fock so I thought it be a good idea to do it now okay let get going the first part of the question explain what is meant by a hardship Annika Rock approximation there are probably various answers that would have been acceptable probably the cleanest is to say it a variational variational approach variational approximation approximation where let see where we find where the trial trial wave function is a single slave adjournment is a single Slater determinant it probably sufficient or another what another way of saying that is that the hartree fock approximation the solution of the hartree fock equations is the lowest energy single Slater determinant then one can find considering all possible orbitals you can put into a single Slater determinant also acceptable would have been to say that you have a for fermi term okay CL and that gets replaced by the mean field terms like this Oh oops see CL like this let see this one this term that I just wrote will come in with a minus sign