Design Theory: Big Medium Small


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hey everyone cynics here in this episode of design theory I going to be loosely going over the idea of big medium small the last video was on conceptual contrast and while that was purely related to the ideas behind designs this videos concept will be much more related to the visual side of good design although it is worth noting like with all creative concepts big medium small can be applied to the ideation side of things as well okay let get into it the concept of big medium small can be summed up by saying that most good designs can be broken down into one large main shape with a medium shape or shapes taking up a smaller amount of the design area and some smaller shapes taking up an even smaller amount of the overall design the importance of the big shape is definitely key to things if I were to make a bunch of shapes of similar size and try to arrange them into a design it would be reasonably difficult to make something aesthetically appealing if I took the same shapes and made one much larger and one much smaller it will generally be much