What is Reality Transurfing?


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in this video I be explaining to you exactly what reality transferring is and helping you get a better understanding of the reality transferring process so you can finally create the life you want with much more ease this will be part one of the reality Tran surfing video series that I be doing on this channel so if you want more videos regarding this topic make sure to hit subscribe and let get right into it hi this is Sonny from personal mastery quest com and today we be talking what is reality transfer Fame so reality Chancellor thing could be a manifestation process could be a philosophy whatever you want to call it what it really is is a way of living your life reality transfer thing suggests a paradigm in which you can create the life that you want a pleasant life and a successful life that you want without having to struggle and fight for your place under the Sun its principles are established in the dualist accomplished more way of living life and it quite a very powerful manifestation process once you gain a better understanding of how it works so many of the ideas