Joueur du grenier - Last Battle - Megadrive


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The Attic Gamer Today I'm going to test a game which its universe doesn't hold any secrets to anyone: 'Last Battle'! What, it doesn't ring a bell? Alright, okay, fine. And if I show you this: You're in shock! The sky falls with love! You're in shock! And this: Ken, survivor of hell Ken, often crosses paths with fist Ken, with his chaotic spirit Ken, against the crazy bandits Ken! Yep, Last Battle comes from the famous manga 'Hokuto No Ken' better known over here as "Fist of The North Star." Of course, everyone knows Fist of The North Star since the controversial diffusion of the series in the late 80s for its violence. Where because of censorship, an episode went from 22 to 15 minutes. Looking back, the dubs were as terrible as they were charming. In fact, the pretty hardcore tone of the series really discouraged the voice actors so they went on strike to only come back in the condition that it would be them who adapted the dub to their liking. And, unthinkable thing today, it was accepted! Can you imagine the backlash they'd get today if they did that with One Piece or Naruto? No way! Which nowadays provokes the anger of purists or hilarity for others, it depends.