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Good evening everybody, welcome back to another Developer Update. Last year for the first time, our first event ever, we ran the Summer Games. And we learned so much from running that event. You guys gave us tons of feedback. As you saw throughout the year we iterated and changed our future events based on that initial run with Summer Games. Now I've been paying attention to a lot of social media and I've been hearing the buzz everybody asking about: When is Summer Games coming back? Well, now is the time Summer Games is coming back very soon and we wanted to set you up with some pertinent information so you knew what was going to be the same and what was going to be different about Summer Games this year. So, first of all a question on a lot of people's minds is: Are the skins that were available in Summer Games 2016 going to be available again this year? And the answer is absolutely, yes, we know you want a chance to get that American McCree skin or the Nihon Genji. You will absolutely be able to get those skins again.