Extended Highlights: Italy 47-22 Namibia - Rugby World Cup 2019


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matchday three started and pulled be with Italy versus Namibia as both sides look to make a positive start and what was the first meeting between the two teams at a Rugby World Cup mentally haven won their opening fix just since 1991 while Namibia are still searching for their first victory at the tournament look at BG go to the back in that Lana not successful only the first time the sister season and tossed and funny ass failed was off to the races there nicely until Hart goes on the outside Neumann now the beautifully on the outside Applause Damien Stevens is over good quick ball recycled nice Tammy runners space on the outside well used quick hands and then I missed a curly I just freed up the the outside the inside pass is perfectly timed and like all good scrum off steam Ian Stevens was on hand and at the gas or the back for hurry say they look to push this one over advantage for Italy parise a spoiler these hills penalty track and that will be seven for Italy they respond just like that against Namibia and their forwards and captain get the job