Quantum Matter Lecture 22


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welcome back this the final lecture the course is going to be of my Ranas my Rana is my Rana fermions has been a bit of an obsession of the condensed matter community over the last decade or a little bit more and the reason for this obsession is that being able to produce my Ranas and manipulate them in condensed matter systems would be extremely useful for building a quantum computer as well as being extremely extremely interesting the realization that my honours would be useful for quantum computation was made in a very influential very influential paper by kitaev one of the geniuses of a field in 2000 and which not only explained why for my arms were useful it sort of gave a toy model of how it is the mileage might appear in in condensed matter systems now this to be honest the the status of the hunt for my Ranas in condensed matter physics is murky there have been a number of declarations of success and then some amount of backpedaling that make you know maybe we have seen tomorrow and maybe we haven seen a Maya Rana and I think that community is still