How High-Tech Insulin Pumps Make Managing Diabetes Easier


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Technology has transformed the way we do almost everything. And it's finally innovating diabetes management. I know how much carbohydrate there is, and based on that information, I can pre-programmed this little machine to give you the right amount of insulin. Insulin pumps are not a new invention. They've been around since the 1960s. And with the advancement in technologies like continuous glucose monitors, traditional pumps are evolving into smarter devices. But companies have been slow to innovate them. So slow that a community of diabetics, including myself, learned how to hack into old insulin pumps by using instructions you can find online. The DIY system, or Loop, as it's called, works so well that thousands of diabetics started using it despite the fact that it wasn't approved by the FDA and required you to maintain the system yourself. I felt like I was looking at snake oil. Like, honestly, it looks like one of those weight loss ads where they say, take one pill and you'll lose seventy five pounds. I said, there's no way this is true. But I pursued it and it built on my phone and I nearly fell apart crying.