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welcome to another developer update this is Jeff I one of the guys from the overwatch team we here today to talk to you guys about seasonal content so seasonal content is something that Blizzard has been embracing for years if you go back and look at world of warcraft we did our Hallows end event and the feast of winter veil you seen in recent years heroes of the storm and hearthstone have done seasonal content as well and it something we really wanted to take on and do cool things with in overwatch and you might be asking yourself well why what so cool about seasonal content and for us when we think about running a game as a live service we like to talk about it in terms of the game having a heartbeat and the players really feeling the life of the game and feeling how the game changes and evolves over time there also those cool events that happen in games if you been playing them for awhile that it always feels very special when the event happens again later on so you know I always think back to when the pumpkins show up in