Just Another Nice Guy - Part 3


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There comes a time when every nice guy reaches a crossroad. After living his whole life trying to treat everyone with care and kindness, he realizes it got him nothing in return. In fact it actually resulted in the one person he truly cared about thinking he's an asshole. So here I am at the crossroad. If nice got me nowhere and I'm already an asshole in Audrey's eyes, maybe I should just be exactly what she thinks I am. Besides what do I have to lose? Forget being nice, I might I might even- I might even get more That's really nice of you. Thanks. Damnit. I got to your tacos with extra pico de "nice guy-o". I'm seriously gonna punch you. You should call them. Ask if they got home okay. I'm sure they're fine. You wanna talk about it? There's nothing to talk about. She doesn't have any feelings for me it's over. She hates you. Hate's a feeling. I just, wish I knew why. Well... you talked behind her back. You acted really immature, got SUPER drunk.